Retro Dog Catering

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Company Parties, School Events, Graduation Parties,

Athletic Events, Private Parties, Weddings

The Retro Dog Rocket is on the move!
Fill the air at your next party or event with the mouthwatering aroma of a delicious Retro Dog on the grill.  Rest assured knowing that we take care of everything so you can enjoy your event. We can set up almost anywhere and the Retro Dog crew will be serving our natural casing hot dogs, homemade Coney Sauce, an assortment of fresh toppings, fresh cut fries and soft drinks.   All the food is cooked to order. Book us for your next event and give your guests a wonderful Retro Dog experience! 

​Retro Dog Catering Pricing

Standard catering charges                 $12/person
(Price is fixed per person, with a minimum of 60 guests, and does not include tax.)

Each Retro Dog’s catered event includes the following:
• 1.5 hours of grill time
• 2 Natural casing hot dogs per person
• Standard toppings (see list)
• 1 Fresh cut fries per person
• 1 Soft drinks or water per person

Condiments Included

Home made Coney Sauce, Cheese Sauce, Yellow Mustard, Ketchup, Diced Onions, Shredded Pickles

Additional Condiments 
Feeds 5 people
Jalapenos, Banzai Sauce, Stadium Mustard 
Retro Rocket Sauce   each 
$2.00 (5oz.)
Sauerkraut, Cole Slaw, Hot Chow Chow, Chow Chow, Sauerkraut, Homemade Coney Sauce, Cheese Sauce
  each $3.00 (8oz) 


Additional Items

• Additional grill hours  $20/employee per additional hour
• Cookies (12 cookies per tray)    $ 9.00/ tray
• Appearance by Retro Dog    $100.00


Additional Food
Drinks   $1.00
Hot Dogs   $2.50

1-hour set up Time and 1-hour tear down
Rain or shine

For information or to book your event, please call 330-808-2543 or email and ask for Matt. Please have the following information when you contact us:
• Date and time of your event
• Location of your event
• Number of guest attending
• Any additional menu items (see below)
A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to book a Retro Dog’s catering event. The remainder of the fee will be due on the day of the event.​