Retro Dog Picnic Packs

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Everything you need to bring Retro Dog to your backyard.

You supply the grill and Retro Dog supplies the hotdogs and everything you need to make them retro delicous! Make your next picnic easy and special with Retro Dog's delicious natural casing dogs, locally baked buns, fresh toppings and coleslaw. Order your Retro Dog picnic and bring "The Dog" to your backyard. $17.50

5 delisous uncooked natural casing dogs
5 locally baked buns
homemade Coleslaw
Toppings: Ketchup, Yelow Mustard, Diced Onions, and Relish


Add ons:

5 -      Buns and Uncooked Natural Dogs     $10.00
8 oz - Incredible Shredded Pickle     $1.50
8 oz - Chow Chow     $3.00

8 oz - Hot Chow Chow   $3.00
8 oz - Homeade Coleslaw     $1.50
8 oz - Homemade Coney Sauce     $3.00
8 oz - Cheese Sauce     $2.50
5 oz - Stadium Mustard    $1.50
           Bag of Ice    

           Cookie     $1.00

Retro Dog Root Beer Growler    $14.99 refill $5.99


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Cooked Hot Dog Packs

Retro Pack- 6 pack or 12 pack of Retro Dogs.

​The original Retro Dog! Char-grilled natural casing dog, topped with homemade Coney sauce, cheese sauce and diced onion.

Monster Pack- 6 pack or 12 pack of Monster Dogs

"Junior Dog" Fun in a bun! Skinless, steamed and delicious.

Beast Pack- 6 pack or 12 pack of Beasts. 
Char-grilled foot long hot dog topped with ketchup, yellow mustard and relish. 


Call ahead on amy orders over 24 (330) 928 3500