The Greatest Dance Party Shake Tasting EVER!

Monday July 13th 6pm

Come get your tickets at Retro Dog or give us a call. (330) 928-3500


It is a PARTY at Retro Dog!

Food, Fun, Music, Activities, Prizes  

We are pairing a Retro Sampling 

Including: Hotdogs, Wings, Burgers and Fries

with 9 fantastic Mini RETRO SHAKES

$10.99 per person

Bring the whole family.

Summer fun at it's best!

It's time to Shake it Up!


Lets celebrate!  The festivities begin with the Fun Fetti Shake! A deliciously creamy birthday cake shake exploding with scrumptious colorful sprinkles, topped with whipped cream and a party of color and taste. Everyday is a party with The Fun Fetti shake.  


You will hear the ice cream truck’s jingle when you taste this Orange Creamsicle Shake. Enjoy a blast of two Retro tastes in one! Refreshing orange sherbet swirled with our vanilla custard to create an outrageously delicious shake. Make summer time that much sweeter! Orange Creamsicle Shake, more like a dreamsicle!


What did you do with Grandma’s blueberry pie? The Blueberry Pie Shake! A rich vanilla shake swirled with sweet blueberries, Graham crackers and topped with whip cream. Grammy would be proud.It’s berry good on a summer day.  


Are you feeling lucky? The Lucky Leprechaun Shake, a wish fulfilling deliciously minty green shake mixed with Oreo cookies and topped with whipped cream and green sprinkles of luck. Be on the lookout for the lucky leprechaun. It is said that if a human catches a leprechaun, the leprechaun must grant that human three wishes in exchange for his freedom.


“Let's do what we do best Scoob, EAT! Like it's time for a Scooby Snack Shake. From The Reh Roh Dog!” It is always an adventure for the gang, A mysterious blend of brown sugar, cinnamon, marshmallow, graham and of course topped with whipped cream and a Scooby Snack. The mystery is over it’s absolutely delicious! “Like, zoinks, man!” “We got to get to The Reh Roh Dog for a Scooby Snack!” 


Your body may take on a frantic quiver and you may lose control of your hips with the first sip of  Retro Dog’s Elvis Shake.  A rock ‘n’ roll creamy shake with banana, peanut butter, and marshmallow  swirled throughout, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with more peanut butter.  We are all  shook up this summer at The Dog.  Thank You, Thank You


We are dog gone nuts about our Nutella Shake, the fantastic hazelnut and chocolate spread and graham is mixed in our yummy custard and topped with whipped cream and graham crackers! It is as good as it sounds, even better!


This is one treat that you'll want in your lunch box. A classic favorite gets a Retro Dog twist! Our Peanut Butter & Jelly Shake combines the fruitiness and savoriness of our strawberry and peanut butter shakes swirled together with graham crackers, then topped with whipped cream. Sounds like a lunchtime goodie you won't want to trade.


Mud pie Shake! It’s time to play in the mud!   We will put all that delicious mess inside your Mud  Pie Shake.  A devastatingly creamy chocolate shake with coffee and OREOs swirled throughout, topped with whipped cream.  We know you made them as a kid. This is one mud pie you will want to eat again and again. (No coffee in kids shake)